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Business Profile of Synergenta Holding Company

Date of foundation: 1993
Address: 141580, Russia, Moscow region, Solnechnogorsk province, post office Lunevo a/b 336, Elino, Autoremontnaya str., #3
Phone: (495) 234-06-54
Fax: +7(495) 234-88-20
E-mail: info@synergenta.ru
URL: www.eng.synergenta.ru

Synergenta Holding Company is one of the largest Russian importers of consumer electronics.

Since it`s foundation more than a 15 years ago, Synergenta has become one of the most recognized and accomplished companies in the Russian market and has obtained unique experience and knowledge.

It has merged companies that distribute, retail, install and provide service support for car and home audio and video electronics including multi-room and smart house systems and audio/video furniture.

Synergenta Holding Company is widely recognized as a competent business partner both in b2b and in b2c fields.

The company maintains a network of more than 800 dealers in almost every region of Russia. In order to help it`s dealers to enter the business and achieve much success in it, Synergenta's specialists have developed unique training programs conducted both at its headquarters in Moscow and locally.

Moreover the Holding is actively occupied with retail business. Through its retail chains and installation companies it provides goods and services of high quality to end-users making their every day life even more comfortable and ensuring high standard of living. As a result millions of video- and audiophiles all over Russia become our customers.

At the moment the following companies operates under the direction of Synergenta's management:

  • "Russian Game" – Distribution Company (consumer electronics)
  • "Sound Lab" – Installation Company (car audio and video electronics)
  • "iCar" – Retail chain (car audio and video electronics)
  • "Architectural Electronics" – Installation Company (home audio and video electronics)
  • "Academy of Home Theatre" – Retail chain (home audio and video electronics)
  • "Qualitech" – Service Company

An organization can only gain success if it has successful business partners. That’s why the Holding adheres to principals of uncompromising honesty and trust not only with its dealers but also with its suppliers and other partners, encouraging all direction of development with constant mutual support and assistance.

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